Welcome to my music world!
I am a singer influenced by various artists and styles. Jazz, R'n B, Soul, Funk and Pop are all in the mix, I'm working on different projects,I've been and I am performing on several occations (festivals, company events, weddingparties, clubs, etc.)
Here you can find out more about me and my work.
Born in Poland, living and working in Vienna.
As a little girl about 4 years of age, I had a dream: I was small - but bigger than ˜it". How would I fit in?

The people inside the box were adults but much smaller than me, yet I believed it would be possible to join those people on TV. (Thank God I left the hammer out, so there was nothing to cry about).

I joined the church choir; later I sang along with the radio.

Interested in dancing, I joined a ballet-class and had my first stage experience in Cracows oldest theatre, the Bagatela.

After moving to Austria I pursued my desire to sing, dance and act and enrolled in a music course where I had my first lessons in those disciplines.
I joined the Children Musical Company. We showed what we had learned in the Akzent theater. It was a benefit performance for whales.

With the group Les Enfants Terribles I performed in "Beispiele geglückten Lebens", a piece written and directed by Eberhard Petschinka.

On the road with a sheep - on tour with the Czech-Austrian Muppet production, Mary Had a Little Lamb.

On tour through Südtirol performing Wilhelm Buschs, Max & Moritz,
a musical for children.

Next, I began working with local musicians, joined diverse bands and performed in Viennese clubs and several small festivals.

At last I started to earn my living with music. To find out more about Jazz I enrolled in the Jazz department of the Gustav Mahler Conservatory, finishing with a diploma.

At this point I was able to make music my profession and I played in the following bands:
Blues‘ n More, Morpheus, McNoc and The Pro.formers, RARE, The Urban Night Band, Prince Zeka and One World, Cosmophonics,
Four and More - and others.

In 2002 Georg Biron hired me to play Janis Joplin in his production, The Janis Joplin Story, accompanied by the band Beat4Feet.

In 2003 I recorded with H. Mauracher and kava, gave my voice to some advertisements (Casali commercial, “Downtown,” Arbeiterkammer…)

And finally—I made my way inside “the box”; I’ve been on the Austrian News, on tm3, took part in competitions, several videos have been recorded & screened, I gave some interviews...

Today I’m working as a singer, entertaining listeners in different locations and at various events.  To name a few: Albertina, Arena, Casino Baden, Donauinselfest, Hofburg, Magna Racino, Rathaus, Porgy& Bess, Palau Nacional in Barcelona, Planet Music, etc.
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