The Cosmophonics

With their sophisticated but never stiff-assed performance, their tasteful interplay and instantly recognizable warm and soulful sound, the Cosmophonics create some fabulous groove textures that are really happening. They take us deep into old school funk territory with some outside excursions, that give their music an unmistakable, eclectic-yet-focused edge.

The 8 piece band with members from all across Europe freshens the time-worn acid jazz formula with it's own blazing blend of latin grooves, afrobeat, middle eastern passages and a love of the early '80s funk of Cameo or George Clinton. With a chameleon-like approach they trot through straight-up funk to space jazz to downtempo tracks to disco while throwing down serious fusion syncopations imbued with Brazillian flavors, blues touches and sweet jazz harmonies. The Cosmphonics delight in zooming around the globe, and as the vibe changes from urban to ethno the music keeps being real.
Phat, funky beats that will floor you, intense soloing framed by an incredibly tight, but always relaxed rhythm section that skillfully anchors AnnG's and Kristof Lazlo's soulful vocals..... well, this is just one of the finest, most creative soul-based bands in the Vienna area.

The Cosmophonics are hip without being trendy. They got their 'thing' and they got the groove fo sho!!!

This is Soul music with it's head in the clouds and it's feet in the streets


Floyd Division


Larry Lofquist

Ann G. and Larry Lofquist met when they performed one of AnnG’s compositions without a rehearsal. Not long thereafter they begin rehearsing a few of Larry’s songs for a concert with Nico Leopold’s Purple Mask Ensemble.

This led to the next step, preparation for an ambitious recording project of difficult original material that was somewhat blues and pop oriented, but with strong influences of jazz, classical and advanced rap, a la Gil Scott-Heron.

The repertoire consists largely of Lofquist’s originals, but there are also songs of Alegre Correa, Cary Kilner, the poet, Hans Echnaton Shano and others.

The soon-to-be-released CD, Ad-rap, Rebop and other Art Songs will feature Ann G., a trio led by Lofquist and a virtual synthesizer ensemble.



Shortly I joined a great tribute band named Floyd Division, big time setting and big fun! Check 'em out!
I just finished a cvt-one-year-singer-education in Vienna! I had a great time and enlarged my singing horizon :-)
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